Exostosic Stalker
Exostosic Stalker - Render

Exostosic Stalker - Render

Exostosic Stalker - Idle Animation Loop
Rigging and Animation/MotionCapture By Edgars Kaulins (https://edgarskaulins.portfoliobox.net/)

The Exostosic Stalker presented in Unreal Engine. 

Environment By Johan Jergner-Ekervik (https://www.artstation.com/johanjergner)

The Exostosic Stalker presented in Unreal Engine.

Environment By Johan Jergner-Ekervik (https://www.artstation.com/johanjergner)

Turntable and Breakdown

Exostosic Stalker - Marmoset Viewer

Rigging and Animation / MotionCapture By Edgars Kaulins (https://edgarskaulins.portfoliobox.net/)

(Unfortunatley there seems to be a problem with the Roughness/Glossiness in the Marmoset Viewer for Toolbag 4)

A collaboration lead By Level Design students Niklas Olsson and Gabriel Hector featuring the Exostosic Stalker in action.

About the project: https://niklasfolsson.com/Portfolio/Lazarus

I created The Exostosic Stalker with the intent to be used as a powerful solitary enemy in a fictional first person perspective survival horror game. A game designed with focus on hiding or fleeing rather than fighting.

When I designed this creature I knew I wanted to create something that I myself found scary and disturbing and I spent some extra time and energy to research what that could be. I didn't want to make another diabolical demon who's evil just for the sake of being evil. Instead I opted for a sick creature in agony, driven by the fear of its own mortality. Enraged by the fact that you, the player, are intruding in its domain. The inspiration for the creature's sickly growths penetrating its skin, for instance, were inspired by bone cancer.

Breakdown of the Process
The majority of the design phase and the entire high poly sculpt was made in ZBrush.
I used Maya for Retopo and UV-mapping.
Baking, Texturing and Rendering was made in Marmoset Toolbag 4

One thing that sets the workflow of the Exostosic Stalker apart from most other creatures and characters that I've been working on is that I decided to try out the new texturing tool in Marmoset Toolbag 4 instead of texturing in Substance Painter like I usually do. This made the pipeline a bit more streamlined since i could keep the texture baking, texturing, lighting and rendering in the same application. Marmoset's texturing tool was fairly easy to get into since it has a lot of similarities with Substance painter.

The Exostosic Stalker was rigged and animated by Edgars Kaulins (https://edgarskaulins.portfoliobox.net/)

The Exostosic Stalker has been implemented as an enemy in a playable level by:
Niklas Olsson - Level Designer - https://www.niklasfolsson.com/
Gabriel Hector - Level Designer - http://gabrielhector.com/
Johan Jergner-Ekervik - Environment Artist - https://www.artstation.com/johanjergner
Edgars Kaulins - Animator - https://edgarskaulins.portfoliobox.net/
Anton Berngarn-Wallerstedt - Creature/Character Artist - https://anton_berngarn-wallerstedt.artstation.com/